Monday, Nov. 11, 2013 :: 7:30 p.m.

I was charmed to immediately receive a note on my last entry, asking if I had ever had the baby. This tells me two things:


*There are still people who use Diaryland! There are still people who use Diaryland? You haven't all abandoned this place for greener pastures, Twitter and Tumblr and fancy blogs with pictures and sponsors? I think that's nice. Remember the good ole' days when this was all there was? When bloggers had to actually WRITE and not just share shiny pictures? Let's bring it back! JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

So yes, I am still alive. I am no longer pregnant; I had the baby. And now I have a TODDLER. He just figured out how to stand at the bathroom door and yell MAMA MAMA MAMA, so it's safe to say my life is over. But that's cool! When you have a toddler, you already don't have a life! I spent all night looking forward to "How I Met Your Mother" and IT'S TERRIBLE. I have truly lost my touch.

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