Saturday, Jul. 05, 2003 :: 12:13 a.m.

Well, Happy 4th of July all! I am fried to a crisp, but I will attempt to summarize my 4th of July.

I got up late, and went to the Hagues (friends of my grandparents, always invite me over for holidays and excitement like that). They were down at the beach, so I grabbed a beach chair from their driveway, and walked on down. And there they all were: the Hagues, their children, and grandchildren, about 15 people total. Mrs. Hague is pretty funny; she's so stereotypical naggy grandma, and her daughters are the same way. We ate lunch on the beach- Mrs. Hague brought a whole turkey. A turkey! To the beach! Ahh, it was good, though. Then we all layed in the sun, and went in the water. I borrowed a wetsuit at one point, and dilly-dallyed in the water with Carl, the oldest grandson, who was born blind. He just finished the 9th grade, and he's pretty amazing. He's wicked smart; he told me that in his Earth Science, they had to identify rock specimen just by looking and feeling, and he was the only one who got all 40 right. He talked to me a lot about the computer games he plays, and the books he reads.

So, after we were all suffuiciently fried, we went back to the house. This was around 4:30, and the parade was at 6. We very quickly celebrated Bjourn's (grandchild) birthday; I felt kinda bad for the kid; his mom (daughter) was going postal about "Hurry up, we're having a birthday and then we gotta go back to the house and shower! Hurry hurry!" I hpoe he felt appreciated.

We did make it to the parade on time, and boy was it fun! It's so small town- 20 million firetrucks, people in funny costumes, bands. My favorite was probably the Clown Band (a band dressed up as clowns) and the Lawn Chair Drill Team. We were near the front of the parade, so after the end passed us, I left the Hagues and walked the parade route to downtown Rockport. I had a big flag one of the marchers had given me, so I just walked with the parade, and waved my flag. And then I got a great idea.

Gordon College students, put it on your calendars- next year, we're marching in the parade! We'll wear Gordon College T-shirts (hopefully Admissions will donate them), and patriotic garb, and have 20 pounds of candy to throw to children, and maybe we could have some sort of step-dance or song to sing? I don't know; I have a year to think of something great. How fun would that be?!?! I don't care if it's just me; next year I'm going to be in that parade.

::short e-mail writing break::

So, I made it to Bearskin Neck. I must say, at this point in my day, I was feeling quite sorry for my self. I just felt lonely and sad, like I didn't have any friends or any life- here I am marching around Rockport all by myself on the 4th of July. I'm having a bad time Colin week, too. So, I was feeling quite down in the dumps.

But I had a party to go to- so I went. I got my food, and sat in a plastic chair next to a woman. We started talking, and she seemed nice. Then she got up and I watched her chair. She came back with a plate full of baked beans, but she lost her balance on her way to the chair, and spilled the whole plate on me. Ahhh, it was really funny; I was already gross from being at the beach all day, so I didn't really care. She was so embarassed, though. Then we started really talking, and it turns out she's involved with theatre, and a Christian, and just all around cool; she owns a business, and does a TV show on community access. She wants to introduce me to this single guy she knows that needs a girlfriend; he was actually at the party, and it kinda looked like he was with someone, but who knows? We exchanged numbers, and she said she'd call me and we'd go out to lunch and talk about life. It was nice to make a friend; in fact, it was just what I needed to do.

Even though I had a great 4th of July, I must admit I still feel a little down in the dumps. Maybe I just got too much sun. But I'm off now to rest and recoperate; maybe tomorrow I'll feel better. Operation tomorrow: buy a new pillow, buy a wedding present for Brian and Kara, wash sheets. Yay!

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