Sunday, Feb. 08, 2004 :: 12:38 a.m.

Went to "The Karaoke Show" tonight. What fun it was! I even got to be in the Karaoke Idol contest. The winner was a draq queen (who can beat a drag queen?). Even though I didn't win, it was fun because I got to shake it all night in my pink/silver sequined shirt, and I met lots of cute boys. Every now and then, a girl just needs to meet some cute boys. It's just good for the (soul? mind? body? fill in the blank). I believe there will be pictures of me at this event floating around somewhere on the Internet, and if they're attractive, I just might post one here.

I read a lot of journals, and sometimes writers post pictures...and it's kinda weird, because I've usually imagined them looking one way, and they look another. It doesn't ruin the journal for me, though, usually because my mind forgets the picture and reverts to what the person looks like in my mind. I hope that none of you are like me, however, because between my fabulous curly hair (looking like it *never* looks) and my pink sequin shirt (something I would never wear in real li....ok that's a lie, I wear a lot of crazy things on a daily basis), I will be looking good.

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