Monday, Feb. 09, 2004 :: 1:04 a.m.

I saw a guy on the subway reading a book entitled, "How to Change the World". It's nice to know someone is on it.

Saw "The Thing About Men" tonight, which was fantastically fun, although a little cheesy at moments (another composer that writes awful songs for women; maybe him and Jason Robert Brown could start a club? I know, plenty of people love JaBro; but I just think his female characters are generally way too neurotic).

During intermission, the young man with the great laugh seated next to me made a phone call: "Hey Man'sName, it's Me, calling to set up a time for rehearsal...I don't know what we'll do on Tuesday; it depends on what we knock out on Monday....oh, and I really want to apologize for what happened last night..I know you said it wasn't a big deal, but I'm really embarassed, so I just thought I should say I'm sorry..." yada yada yada

And all of sudden a song from Aida popped into my head, "We all live such elaborate lives.." What do you suppose happened that this guy needs to apologize for?! It all sounded so tawdry and delirious and exciting. I really think most people live more exciting lives than they give themselves credit for; why don't they realize it? Has the Boob Tube (hehe) sanitized our vision of what it means to have a great life?

Wednesday is my one month anniversary with NYC. I have a date with the theatre that night; I'm thinking of making (or buying, if I get a job!!) myself a crown. Every day I am here I want to be here more. I would take the job of Subway Floor Licker to maintain myself here, if it came to that.

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