Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2006 :: 11:30 p.m.

Five random observations about today:

*Going to the gym at 3 p.m. is fun. Not necessarily the best way to break up the workday, but it's nice to get a workout in in the middle of the day. Especially when the brain needs a break from staring at Excel spreedsheets and juggling numbers around.

*It's usually a good idea, before stripping in the gym locker room, to make sure one has brought all their workout clothes to the gym. I had to make an emergency wifebeater run to have something to workout in (working out in my black Old Navy linen tunic would have looked a little silly).

*Whenever a boy offers to buy me a drink, I usually say no at least twice before accepting the offer. Part of the reason is because I never have any cash, and what if they're actually asking if I want them to get me a drink with my own money (lol, mucho dorky fear of embarassment)? And I usually don't know what to drink anyway. Plus I feel weird accepting drinks- because then I have to be especially entertaining and sometimes I don't feel that way (I'm having an off-week in that department).

*Let's look at how many magazines I get now, shall we? Time Out New York, Glamour, Lucky, Shop Etc, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Shape, Self, In Style, Budget, Wired, Allure, plus Esquire and Rolling Stone which I got for free for signing up for Nerve Premium and I'm giving away to friends. I might be just a wee bit out of control.

*Sometimes a girl just needs some cute boy attention. A cute boy to notice her cuteness and say, well hot damn, pretty lady. Tonight I got some and it was just the right amount to bring me out of a Winter Blah slump.

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