Monday, Nov. 24, 2008 :: 12:30 a.m.

Wanna hear some sketchy internet business that will BLOW YOUR MIND? We went to Winegasm in Astoria last weekend for brunch, and since neither of us liked the place very much, we gave it a "meh" review on Yelp- I gave it two stars, M gave it two stars. A friend at church, who was there with us, tells us this morning that Winegasm already saw our review on Yelp, and was disappointed we didn't like the place. But here's the sketchy part- take a look at their review page on Yelp, and my negative review is nowhere to be found. Why is that sketchy? Because Winegasm is a Yelp sponsor. Is it possible that Winegasm requested my negative review be removed from their Yelp page and Yelp complied at the request of one of their paid sponsors? Or that Yelp just removed it automatically? Yelp says on their FAQ page, oh, well, sometimes we don't display all reviews, even though you can still see it on our use page. Yea, that's not the point, Yelp- the point is that all reviews should be counted toward the rating of a restaurant (and mine currently isn't), and you definitely shouldn't remove negative reviews from the pages of your paid sponsors, because it might come across as a conflict of interest, duh. I used to trust Yelp, but not anymore. I think I'll be getting my restaurants reviews elsewhere from now on. Check out my review of Winegasm in my Yelp profile. It just might be the last review I ever write on Yelp.

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