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By August 28th, 2007, I hope to have completed all of these.

MissPinkKate's 101 Goals for the next 1001 Days

1. Go to a taping of SNL

2. Wear an "I'm Not Gay But My Boyfriend Is" t-shirt

3. Wear fishnet stockings Completed 7/8/05

4. Ice skate in Rockefeller Center

5. Go to the top of the Empire State Building

6. Buy something at Saks Fifth Avenue

7. Grow flowers

8. Have a party at my apartment Completed 6/5/05

9. Clean up the backyard

10. Visit Roosevelt Island

11. Learn to juggle three things

12. Write a love letter

13. Wear color contacts Completed 4/18/07

14. Get a massage Completed 8/18/05

15. Ride the Ferris Wheel at Coney Island Completed 7/4/05

16. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Eve Completed 12/31/06

17. Walk up to a really cute guy and hit on him first

18. Take an art class

19. Get a bed frame Completed 6/29/05

20. Get a better desk (with a chair) Completed 7/16/06

21. Pick up litter in NYC

22. Become a Big Sister with Big Brother/Big Sister

23. Find a church I actually like Completed 3/27/05

24. Run in a race A very short one, like 1k..

25. Get a facial Completed 9/16/06

26. Travel to Europe

27. Complete a NaNoWriMo Completed 11/28/04

28. Go to trapeze school

29. Work for a political campaign

30. Show my sisters around NYC Completed 6/6/06

31. March in the NYC Halloween parade Completed 10/31/06

32. Take a yoga class Completed 5/24/05

33. Take a belly-dancing/Indian dance class Completed 6/2/07

34. Take a hip-hop dance class Completed 1/12/06

35. Go to bed before 10 p.m. Completed 9/16/06

36. Teach Twinkie to sit on command

37. Knit Twinkie a sweater

38. Go to a taping of "Showtime At The Apollo"

39. Work for the NYC Fringe Festival Completed 8/21/05

40. Buy a work of art

41. Buy fancy lingerie Completed 4/29/06

42. See a movie at the Bollywood movie theatre in Little India

43. Buy expensive jeans Completed 7/25/05

44. Do a cartwheel on a public sidewalk Completed 6/17/06

45. Go surfing

46. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor Completed 9/12/06

47. Watch every episode of My So-Called Life Completed 11/23/04

48. Bake a pie Completed 6/30/07

49. Have a picnic in Central Park

50. Give a boy flowers Completed 12/18/04

51. Write a praise letter for good service Completed 2/4/05

52. Fire a gun at a shooting range

53. Go a professional baseball game Completed 6/23/07

54. Open an IRA Completed 4/17/06

55. Buy a bottle of Champagne that costs more than $15 Completed 1/21/06

56. Go to a wine tasting Completed 6/11/05

57. Graduate from college Completed 5/12/05

58. Go to Las Vegas Completed 9/21/06

59. Learn to play poker

60. Learn all the state capitals

61. Be able to identify every state on a US map

62. {TMI for you regarding my personal life} Completed 2/3/05

63. Ride a mechanical bull Completed 9/22/06

64. Make out with a Regret-Me-Not A Regret-Me-Not is a person I should have made out with the first time I had the chance to do so. Completed 5/17/06

65. Ride a red double-decker NYC tour bus Completed 9/22/06

66. Make cupcakes Completed 2/26/05

67. Dance on a bar Completed 7/8/05

68. Cook a meal for a date Completed 04/28/05

69. Write a letter to a female political official Completed 2/13/05

70. Have an entire wall of postcards

71. Get a spray tan

72. Get Twinkie's dog license Completed 8/2/05

73. Go to a lesbian bar and flirt with girls

74. Read three non-fiction books about New York City Completed 2/12/05

75. Send postcards from a vacation Completed 3/14/06

76. Go snorkeling

77. Find a new brand of bras I like
Completed 01/05

78. Post a front page post (FPP) to Metafilter Competed 12/04/04

79. Walk from Canal St to 95th St in Manhattan

80. Go to the Central Park Zoo

81. Get an Airport card for my iBook

82. Watch every episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse on DVD Completed 4/11/05

83. Visit Miami Completed 3/14/06

84. Walk out of a play that is not good Completed 2/9/05

85. Get a full time job Completed 5/23/05

86. Wash a car in a bikini

87. Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

88. Get a pet rock Completed 2/15/05

89. Buy a suit Completed 12/28/04

90. Send someone outside my family a birthday card Completed 04/30/05

91. See Paris Hilton

92. See an Olsen twin

93. Give a gift on an angel tree

94. {TMI for you regarding hygiene} Completed 6/25/05

95. Bake cookies from scratch Completed 6/27/05

96. Go Christmas Caroling

97. Go to a square dance

98. Hold a snake

99. Use a whole role of tape making funny faces with someone

100. Fill Mama Greed (a.k.a. my piggy bank) to the brim Completed 9/6/05

101. Get a picture of Twinkie mid-yawn Completed 7/01/05

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